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Driver Terms and Conditions

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    Vehicle regulations

  • All drivers must be registered with the London Taxi and Private Hire as a minicab, taxi or private hire driver and insured with an appropriate hire and reward insurance that allows your vehicles to be used as passenger carrying vehicle.
  • All drivers are responsible for having their vehicles MOT tested twice a year and making sure that their vehicles are in a safe condition to ensure passenger safety. O.T.H will monitor the expiration date of all driver/vehicle documents and it's your responsibility to provide us with an up to date copy of your new documents as O.T.H reserve the right to refuse you jobs if out of date.
  • Drivers are responsible for updating car insurance, Mot, PHV licence, DVLA licence and PHV vehicle details etc.

  • Job dispatch details

  • All jobs dispatch to drivers via Driver PDAs app, text or by phone, we recommend that you get a phone that is compatible with these features as you will need to confirm receipt of each job you received by replying to text, or phone or accept on PDAs. Drivers will need to have an iOS or android phone to install the CMS driver app on your device.

  • CMS Driver PDA App

  • Once signup via this link and all documents has been varified, we will then send you the link to install the CMS Driver App on your preffered phone and ip and port number configuration along with your driver number and password to login.

  • Complaint/ Incident/dispute/ lost & found

  • All drivers should report any incident, complaint or dispute to us immediately so that we can keep a record in any instance. Drivers must check their car after each passenger drop off to ensure that no item is left behind from any passenger. Therefore this must be return any lost/found to O.T.H Mini cabs office so that this can be rightfully returned to them.
  • All drivers reserved the right to refuse any abusive passenger at any given time for their own safety and you should always report any abusive passenger to the police and the office to cover yourself from any unwanted claims.

  • No Deposit

  • All drivers can start right away no deposit needed to be paid from any driver starting immediately or later.

  • Salary/Curcuit Rent

  • All drivers starting will pay 20% Commission full-time or part time, open shift 7days a week for Saloon, Estate, MPV, which is a fair deal for drivers at O.T.H. All drivers will need to have their own iOS or android mobile PDA device, preferable a Samsung mobile to install driver application licence. We expect all drivers to pay their commission who are in minus, no later than Friday the beginning of the new rolling week. All statement created every Friday morning just after midnight.

  • All other bookings which are made by customers via credit cards and accounts and dispatch to driver will be paid to drivers on the following Wednesdays, providing that driver do not owe O.T.H any commission. Any account/credit card booking, payment will be deducted from driver's commission's owed and the remaining commission for the week will still need to be paid. Drivers will be given an invoice each week Friday to Thursday of all the jobs done and show how much commission is payable at the end of each week.

  • Annual Leave/ Sick Pay

  • All drivers are working self employed and is currently working to pay themselves, therefore drivers are not entitle to any annual leave pay or sick pay. Nevertheless it is the driver responsibility to give O.T.H notice before leave. Drivers must notify the office within 4 hours if they are unable to attend duty prior to sickness or an emergency, and state when they will re-commence their duties.

  • Change of shift/ request day-off

  • Drivers need to notify us if they need to make changes in their work pattern. If driver wants to request day off they will need to do so prior to given 1 days notice so that we can accommodate any jobs that may have already been assigned to you, can be resigned to another driver.

  • Employee Liability/ Public Liability Insurance

  • All O.T.H drivers are cover by employee liability insurance and public liability insurance Whiles on duty, this does not cover you while not working. It is the driver responsibility to act in a responsible manner and move away from dangerous situation if possible.

  • Working Hours

  • All drivers should work the hours that suits them, full time drivers at least 5days per week and part time driver work at least 3 days per week and do more to see a maximum return at any given week.
  • All drivers should strive to work at least 6-12 hours per day regardless of busy or quiet period of days to be able to make at lease £600-£1200 per week.
  • Drivers can work a minimum of 6hrs in any given shift, drivers will need to give the shift they are available to work so we can prioritised bookings. Drivers can work one shift but can choose to come back on duty any-time after his shift.

  • Customer Service

  • All drivers should strived dress smartly when on duty providing hired services and have good customer focus/service skills when dealing with different types of customers.
  • Drivers should direct any persons wishing to book a Mini Cab or use their vehicle for a journey to O.T.H Mini Cabs so that we take booking and have a record of each bookings.
  • O.T.H will refuse to give drivers any jobs if they do not adjust to O.T.H driver terms and may be removed from our database without warning and reported to TFL.
  • Drivers who wish to leave the company can do so without notice in writing, but can let us know your intention in an email to

  • It is important that you read and understand the O.T.H Mini cabs driver terms. This may and can change at any time without warning. Drivers may be notify of any up-date or changes of terms at anytime.
By registering you accept the full driver terms and drivers wishing to continue should click to apply and accept terms below to take you to the registration page where you will be prompt to fill form and upload all document. We suggest book mark or print this page by selecting the whole page, right click on selection and click print for your future reference.
Before you can continue registering you need to first click below to apply and accept terms!

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