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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I go about getting a receipt for a journey I made using my credit or debit card?

Any registered user on will be able to access online management facilities where they can review all their journeys and print out receipts. If you are not registered as yet, you can email for receipts. Registering online is recommended and will make your booking process easier and will grant you easy access to statements.

2. Can I pay for a journey on my credit card? If yes, what further charges may involve. And Why?

When making booking via credit or debit card we take the payment based on the journey price quoted at that time. If your journey has change for any reason from the original journey, such as waiting time or an extra drop off, these are charged separately and therefore will come up as a separate payment on your card statement.

3. How can I receive a receipt from a cash booking?

If needed you could provide the driver with your emaill address directly to request for a receipt for a cash or credit card job. The cash receipt between yourself and the driver is not a VAT receipt.

4. What waiting time charge at airports?

We track flight times to all major airports to help ensure there is as little waiting time as possible. We always allow 30 minutes waiting time from when your flight lands. For account customers the first 45 minutes of waiting is complimentary. For cash or card customers, there is a car park fee paid directly to driver in addition to your booking price, which includes both the first 30 minutes of waiting time and the car park fees, in which the driver will inform you of the amount payable. Any waiting time over the initial 30 minutes will be charged at 35 pence per minute accordingly.

5. Will you charge for the car parking at airports?

We track flight landing times at all major airports to ensure that car parking time is kept to a minimum. For account customers, we allow the first 45 minutes of waiting time free from the time your flight lands. Any time after the above awarded time will be charged according to the parking fees. For cash or credit and debit card customers, any car park fees are payable to driver seperately in addidtion to your journey price, which covers the first 30 minutes of waiting time plus your car-parking fee. If there are any waiting time over the 30 minutes from the time your flight lands will be charge at 35 pence per minute, you will also be charged for any additional car park fees that may occurs.

6. Can I open an account, what types of account do you offers?

If you are interested in opening an account with us, please feel free to click here to check out the types of account we offer and discover all the benefits that come with being an account holder. We would also be happy to speak to you and assist in setting up an account. You can call us directly on 020 8699 1817.

7. Do you monitor flight times, in case my flight time changes or delayed?

Yes, we ask all customers for their flight details when they book for an airport collection, we have a dedicated team who check flight times 24 hours 365 days and keep an up to date record of any time changes. You don't have to worry about informing us, we'll send your car to arrive in time for when your flight lands at arrivals.

8. What shall I do if I lost my item in one of your vehicles?

We make every effort to ensure that all lost property is brought back to O.T.H Minicabs Office and kept safely until you are able to collect it. You can contact our Lost Property department on 0203 397 3753 or email

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I booked a share taxi to the airport for £25 it was amazing and the person i shared wiith was very friendly and the driver was excellent
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